Zeba holds a Masters degree in Computer Application – M.C.A and holds around 15+ years of overall experience in Software development and 10+ years of very satisfying experience as a trainer in Microsoft SQL Server. Her expertise lies in training Basic and Advanced SQL Server and has trained hundreds of students around the world in both classroom and Online Sessions. She enjoys lively interactive sessions and giving guidance to enthusiastic students, sharing the passion for the subject with them and solving easy to challenging questions posed by students. She also conducts hands-on projects with students for their efficient learning. Her experience in the extremely competitive IT industry where the ability to look calm and composed while being anxious and hesitant helps her deal new challenges with students from different educational backgrounds.

Her programming skills have developed a strong sense of coding ethics and she meticulously translate them into adapting learning materials for pupils.

Technical Skills

RDBMS: SQL Server 2017/2014/2012/2008, Oracle 10i/9i/8.0/7.0, MS Access.
Languages: C, C++, Java
Web design: HTML, JavaScript, CSS

1. Expertise lies in writing SQL queries, T-SQL scripts, Dynamic SQL in Stored Procedure, UDF’s and other data objects.

2. Involvement in Data design and redesign, database development for eliminating data redundancies.

3. Writing and rewriting existing queries and scripts for faster query performance and performance tuning.

4. Creating and eliminating Indexes at appropriate columns.

5. Bulk data insertions from different platforms.

6. Analyze execution plans and generate suggestions for improvement.

7. Dealing with data, data, and lots of data………

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