Basic SQL Server


This SQL Server training course will introduce you to Structured Query Language (SQL). This SQL Server training course develops your knowledge of writing SQL scripts to manage data stored in the relational database. You will learn about the most common and standard features of SQL language supported by the two popular databases – Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle. The course covers elements of ANSI SQL using SQL Server as an example database.


There are no prerequisites for this course.



This course is instructor-led. Each session begins with an explanation and demonstration of a key concept. You then work through several practical exercises to apply your knowledge and test your understanding.



All contents in this course are designed to make you a faster and more relaxed SQL user.

Day 1

  • Data, Database, DBMS, and Database Concepts
  • Introduction of MS SQL Server
  • Editions of MS SQL Server
  • Introduction to SQL Server Management Studio

Day 2/3/4

Planning and Creating Databases

  • USE Command
  • Creating database
  • Overview of SQL Language
  • Types of Tables

Data Definition Language (DDL)

  • Create, Alter, Rename, Truncate and Drop Tables

Introduction of Data Manipulation Language (DML)

  • Insert, Delete, Update, Merge Statements
  • Difference between DELETE and TRUNCATE

Commit, Rollback, and Save (TCL)

  • With (NoLock) Commands

Identity Specification, Computed columns

Day 5

Data types in SQL Server

  • Exact, Approximate, Unicode, Non-Unicode, DateTime, Binary, Others

Day 6

SQL Operations

  • Arithmetic, List, Pattern, Is Null, Range, and other Operators.
  • Set Clauses using Intersect, Union, Union All, Except Operators.

Day 7/8

SQL Clauses used to Filter Data Using

  • Distinct, Top, Where, Group By, Having, Rollup, Cube, Order by, Offset, Fetch
  • Using Aggregate Function

Day 9/10

Constraints and Data Integrity.
Introduction of Database Constraint.

  • Creating default values
  • Creating Null values
  • Creating Check Constraint
  • Unique Key
  • Primary and Foreign Key
  • Composite Primary Key
  • Referential Integrity
  • Setting Cascade Update and Delete

Day 11/12

System Functions

  • Scalar Function
  • Ranking Function
  • Aggregate Function

Day 13/14

Joins using Multiple Tables

Inner join

  • Equi Join
  • Non Equi Join
  • Self Join

Outer join

  • Left, Right, Full Outer Join

Cross join

Day 15

  • Creating a Schema
  • Introduction to Views
  • Introduction to Indexes
  • Quick Recap of SQL Summary and Query Solving
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 by Rida

I took the Basic SQL Server class and it was very helpful. The faculty is incredible...

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One of the best SQl trainer